They seem to have gone to a lot of trouble to keep the failed stories from being accessible.I dont see how everyone is complaining about the small meals and being hungry in between.

While he is an affiliate of Nutrisystem, this review is comprised of his own personal views, opinions and professional observations, written honestly and objectively as possible.These include high protein power foods, low fat dairy products and fresh green vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, kale etc that you buy from the store and cook yourself to bulk out the meals.Now I am interested in trying it for real as you seem to have attracted a lot of successful dieters who wrote comments here, so there must be plenty right about it.

When I ordered the program I purchased several chocolate items that melted during transit.Hi Jennifer, 100 pounds is a lot to lose and this is a good, positive step to going for that goal.After all, it could be no worse than the food I was already eating and at least it would make me cut down on the calories.Its always good to hear people are getting such amazing results with NS.Things like free delivery, customer counseling and support all come as standard now with auto delivery.There may not be much you can do directly about arthritis and the depression is a by-product of that and the weight gain, so targeting the weight is actually the easiest of the three.It is very difficult to grocery shop, exercise, or even stand on my feet for even a few minutes to cook.If you really must eat out, choose obviously low calorie menu items such as salads but watch out for dressings — they are loaded with calories.PS: Anamika, you asked for opinions and I think I agree with Peter that NS may not be the right kind of diet for someone such as yourself who is a good cook.

This is because its a scientifically proved fact that exercise improves metabolism and when combined with a healthy diet really does cause sustainable weight loss.Long story short I am into my sixth week on the program and have lost 13 lbs.slow but steady.I hope others will have good luck.We ate 2 salads a day, we added yougut and cheese, fruit, fat free milk etc.From what I read here on your blog, you agree with my own ideas on that, so finding your review of Nutrisystem was a real bonus for me.After two solid weeks of eating it, I felt like my body was poisoned by all of the preservatives.I also agree with other customers who have pointed out that you can do a lot better if you prepare and cook low calorie meals yourself.Each variation is customizable to suit your personal tastes and needs.If your current diet is made up of a lot of high GI carbs like white bread, pasta, white rice etc these can slow your metabolism and make you feel tired.

You have a good, in depth knowledge of your subject and you put it across very well, so that anyone can understand it easily.Your review has ironed out most of my reservations, so thanks for telling it the way it is.Hey Desirae, so many people have thought about starting NS in a similar situation as yours and you probably read plenty of them here in these comments.You can also add your own story of your accomplishments or otherwise with Nutrisystem.

Many diet experts believe that eating in this way helps boost the metabolism more than sticking with the 3 standard daily meals.On the other hand, carbohydrates that break down too fast cause insulin levels in the blood to rise, which then causes the body to store fat and make you feel hungry even straight after a meal.From time to time, you will find bonus offers for a variety of great deals, so keep checking back for new ad posters.In looking at my weekly weight progress, I have lost a total of 1 pound in 3 weeks (meaning I lost 2.5 pounds the first week and very little since).I need my life to get back and i know my life is more important being looks good is just a bonus.The counselors were very helpful and made that exchange pretty seemless and i got my box of exchanged food pretty quickly.When I called to cancel the next shipment which they notified me I would be receiving, I was told I would be billed extra for not keeping the autoship.Try going to an evening yoga class (great for boosting weight loss, by the way), or you can learn meditation in your own home, relax with a nice cup of green tea and a good book.

There is a follow up to this post that you can read at: Lose Weight with Nutrisystem that focuses more on the special offers being promoted by the company.I found most of the meals to be perfectly acceptable, with only a few that I thought were below par but certainly none were so bad I would ever feel the need to complain.I felt I was prepared for the food, but I got a really pleasant shock when I started eating it because it was way better than I thought it would be.The very first thing I have noticed even before any significant weight loss was the disappearance of acanthosis nigricans.Nutrisystem diabetic program is not for diabetics because its menu includes mostly pasta, cereal, energy bars, all cheap stuff full of flour and sugar which are NO-NO for diabetics.Like EVERYONE else, I initially thought the portions were entirely too small.He still grabs some of the leftover food and snacks when hungry out of convenience.A lot of them have written in to say how they are maintaining the weight they lost with Nutrisystem through, guess what.

I lost all the weight and to this day have not put a single pound back.I have been on Nutrisystem for 2 weeks and I am having a very hard time with it.The meals were too small and I felt hungry all the time so I ate peanut butter sandwiches between the meals.After crunching the numbers I realized that with the cost of the diet and adding in fresh grocery items I will be spending less on food than I was before.You get no sympathy from me cause it just sounds like your getting at the company for maybe another reason.I ordered NS and used it faithfully for about 8 months and then used my new found knowledge to eat sensibly.I have read so many diet articles and self-help books, etc., so I certainly understand the concept of dieting.I lost 50 lbs. and counting by buying convenience foods at my local supermarket and most are quite tasty and a lot more variety.